Friday, February 7, 2014

Sales are instant.

In an instant sales are done and people are satisfied with their purchases. But then comes, the after service. People most times just think about the cost of items and how they can save, but do they think about the after purchase service?? Nope. At Bi-Metal we are not the cheapest nor are we the most expensive with our cost on products but our service is exceptional before, during and after your purchase. People always comment favorably about our service. We hear occasionally about other service supply companies through customers that visit us how badly they have been treated elsewhere. Yet some still go back to the old ways and don’t get the service they desire. Strange isn’t it??? Our thoughts on customer service are presales, during sale and after sale service. See Wikipedia on customer service.

Also a note our Inventory Flush is not just stuff that is left on our shelf collecting dust but products we sell every day. Remember we promote PREMIUM PRODUCTS and give SUPERIOR SERVICE.

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