Friday, October 16, 2015

Economy and Technology hiccup 

It has been sometime that we have written something new on our blog. Just never found the time until today.
The economy is at a slower pace these days thus we need to work harder again. Sales just don't drop in on emails, faxes, or come in the, door. Now it is get out and knock on doors, and a lot of quoting.
We have noticed that the factories are not putting as much stock on their shelves either as we are beginning to see back orders more often for some of the common items we stock.

I was out the other day and went into another store to pick up an item for a customer. As I walked in there was a marker board letting everyone know that cell phones were not allowed pass the walk up stairs. I thought that strange (I didn't have my phone with me) so I asked why the notice. The reason was because of possible explosive fumes from welding bottles that are filled in the next bay over. It was determined by the fire department that a cell phone ringing or turned on could ignite these fumes. I asked the people behind the counter if they had lost any customers over this funny, yet serious issue. Yes came the response. They had asked some customers to take their phones back outside and they never returned.
Interesting isn't it. The technology we use and has been so popular can or could mess us up. No different then driving and talking, filling up at a service station, to close to the brain, etc.