Thursday, December 6, 2012

Tuning up your Band Saw Machine

Having problems with your band saw machine? Blades don’t last, like you think they are supposed to? Are they breaking on you? Getting crooked cuts?

Well at Bi-Metal Industrial Products Inc., we can help you, but there is a condition. You need to be using one of our excellent band saw blade products. Our LENOX band saw blades, offer a free service on your machine as long as you are using our product and or have tried 3 of our GTO trials (band saw blade trial). The free service consists of approximately 2 hours of a LENOX trained band saw machine technician to look over your machine. They check the overall health of your machine and comes with a comprehensive report on the condition of it. They also (if they can) tweak your machine for optimum blade performance. They are the only band saw blade company to offers this service. We want to keep you happy with our excellent products. Call us, if you want to get on board. For more info on LENOX see

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the crew at Bi-Metal.