Thursday, November 22, 2012

Oh Where or Where did Summer Go??????
Winter is upon us again. It just seemed like a short summer as everyone except the machine shops were very busy.
We at Bi-Metal have been busy ourselves, aligning with big warehouses so we can offer more products to our loyal customers. It was a good move as we have had some good sales but it hasn’t been as much as we thought.
We know it takes time for people to realize that donuts don’t make the order. Sure we deliver most items at lightning speed also but we take the time to make sure when you receive the items that they are correct and to check if there are any other items that might be required. We give this personal service to each and every client. Sometimes it is a thankless job doing the deliveries as people that wanted to meet with someone from our institution and we arrive there and the personnel reneges on seeing us. Oh well their loss.
It’s another season as we can tell. When in the mail, over the fax and emails we get requests from clients and some none clients to contribute to seasonal functions for their employees???? Think about it, businesses, asking for freebees. Hahhhhh????? We give to charities, when the time is right to the less fortunate. We look after our own employees. That is what businesses do. Not have someone else look after their most valued people. Enough said thanks for tuning in.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Computers Good and Bad

We must say computers are the accountant’s best friend. We like them too, when these things work right.
The other day one machine all of a sudden came up with a warning that anti-virus program is out of date. Wow, this was on our main machine we use as our server. We do all our IT work ourselves so the investigation began. Were we connected right, was it us or our internet provider, etc. Well a half hour went by and still no clue. We decided to phone the internet provider. After hanging on the telephone line for 40 minutes yup it was them. Nice. They had decided that they were changing their virus provider. No email to us or any other warning was given. Well then, more fun came. We had to go to site to download new software. Well I don’t understand how these programmers can’t make it simple. We press the download button. Why all the questions? Do you want it here? Do you want to continue? and so on. Then they give you a registration # that is 30 digits long, 30 digits????  Why???? So you have to write this down in case something goes wrong. So you press the continue button again. The program now it checks if it is compatible to your machine, is your machine certified, etc. again the long wait. By this time it’s been almost 2 hours since we started. Finally it says it ready to download new program wonderful. We press continue again. It runs a green line across the screen and all of a sudden it says you have to restart the machine. Okay we are thinking we are going to be done. NOT. It does its restart and the machine restarts again. At least the programs have figured out how to restart the computer so you don’t have to push the button. But now you have to reenter passwords, etc. Then another box comes up to continue, oh man. This goes on two more times. Finally it is done. It has been 3 hours total time since we started for this one machine. 3 hours of downtime. Gezzzz but this is still faster than calling a techy. One machine down and 2 more to go, wonderful. Well at least we can run the others at the same time.
Now back to the good the accountants are happy again.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact us via email phone 780-440-4002 or drop on by 5804-82 Avenue Edmonton.