Thursday, September 20, 2012

Working Fun
Don’t you just love days when things go good? WE DO at Bi-Metal Industrial Products Inc. We cherish the times when we have customers who have problems, and then as they leave our facility satisfied and happy, it really makes our day. We begin to brag about our experiences to the rest of our team, which at that time makes the rest of us feel good too. We grow more and more confident in our products and knowledge that we can share with others again and again.
It is surprising how much people grow in knowledge and expertise over years of learning. Yes we learn new things every day whether it is with new and/or old products. It is here that we can share our experiences.
 Ilia who is getting close to her first anniversary with Bi-Metal is becoming a very knowledgeable person about our products and services. If she has no idea about what she is asked about she will ask customers to hang tight for an answer and she does search around for any answer to a customer’s inquiry. She seems to have a 99% success rate at helping the person’s question. She is usually is the first person you speak to when you call our facility. She has learnt a great deal with Bi-Metal and loves to pass on her knowledge.
Brenda is just a small brute force in the back shop. She does all the grunt work. Customers have little understanding of all the work that goes into welding band saw blades. She handles these blades from ¼” to 1-1/2” at any length like a pro. She is a pro.  She is also the person who picks and sorts customer orders getting them ready for delivery.  She can also help customers with their blade predicaments.
Sitting silent at his desk Tuesday thru Thursdays is our money man Paul. We don’t hear much from him but he is always there to help out. He is the only original founder of Bi-Metal left in this business.
Now, I’m (Peter) the last but not least member of the Bi-Metal team. This is what I do, help everyone else, like our cliental and team to get their missions done each day. Doing sales is a great at the end of the day when everyone feels we have done the best we could do. A little visiting with our cliental and team, then the deliveries keeps me going.
With the TEAM we have, we are ready for most anything and we really have to thank our cliental for helping us.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Doing things economically, just ME and a thought????

First just an update on some of trial products. This was one of our diamond discs we had sent out. It was our diamond general purpose depressed center grinding disc 5” x 5/8-11type 29 disc (see review below). We sent it to a welding fabrication shop which does a lot oilfield and industrial welding work. Here is the tester’s feedback.
Thanks again to Jim and Steve at Steelhead Fab for the input!!!

Now on to my thoughts for this week...

Isn’t it nice to save money on things we buy? Yes it sure is, but do you really put thought behind what we buy, besides thinking about the great deal we have gotten. Nope, I don’t really think a lot of people do. This is a ME world and no one really thinks of the other portion of the world. This is also true in the business world now where businesses just buy the cheapest items to stay competitive to the next guy. This causes havoc throughout the world as the third world countries can produce cheapy stuff which can be substandard stuff. We crave for the cheapy stuff and ME to sometimes. When we just go into a cheapy bargain store. You can smell the cheapness, that smell of plastic, makes me almost gag. But we buy it anyways thus throwing a fellow neighbor in our country out of work. Many parts of North America are in this situation right now and it will follow here soon too, even though we are in rich Alberta while going strong with what I think is a false boom for the next few years yet. I have been through some shops lately that are starving for work since June. September is upon us now and expectations are high as the winter drilling season approaches. Everyone is expecting an increase in work (ME and my expectations are there too) which may be true but just remember our thriftiness is going to catch up to us in jobs, etc. Meanwhile the red Asian communist world is just sitting back, probably rubbing their hands together as they are becoming the power houses of the world now. I remember when I was in high school (39 years ago), our social studies classes had talked about the invasion of the communist world, not just buy force but buy economics. Well the Russians fell which at that time seem the biggest threat but I can’t remember if we ever talked about the Asians. We probably never thought that they would be the ones economically although we thought they would over run us with their population (which is also happening). While we falter just watching them grow, we plan to sell them our riches for cheap, while a couple of provinces over and states to the south us are trying to grapple with the years past of the cheapy buying  frenzy at large box stores and so on selling the cheapy stuff. It just goes on and on. Is everyone hoping that if we get our pipelines to the destinations that someday we will have cheapy fuel prices????  Maybe I have put a thought in your minds but I don’t think it will register for many. It’s just ME and a cheapy thought.