Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Knocking Enhanced Products
The other day when I was doing a sales call on a customer, I was trying to introduce them to an enhanced product. I had gotten relativity a quick “NO” to the suggestion of an alternate product. I asked the person why they weren’t interested and the response was, “we have tried knock offs before and they didn’t work as well as the OEM items.” I apologized to the person (as I do sell some items that are direct copies of off-patented products) but I told this poor soul that it was reengineered and it does a better job than the OEM product. “That can’t be. We don’t use knockoffs here” was the response again. I explained that these items are not knockoffs again and don’t even look the same, but it was to no avail. I was then given the run around how they have a contract to buy the OEM pieces from someone else and it went on and on. The wall was up. I felt really sorry for people like this, as the product, really improves what it does by no less than 25% and it isn’t even made in an eastern country. This happened to be a procurement manager for a large international company. Can you imagine someone throwing away 25% or more of something? Not even trying it. That’s $0.25 of every $1.00 this company is losing out on. I wonder what would happen to this person, if the workers and his superiors found out that their job could be done 25% more efficiently. Oh well , still made a sale selling OEM stuff but its the effectiveness of a product that bugs me, that’s my rant this week.
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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Fascinating Fastener Tooling
Ever look for a fastening tool and can never find the exact thing that would work so you make up something and it works kind of, then it takes you hours to do the job, but if you had the right item it would have taken 5 minutes. Been there done that.
We found a company that has some real innovative tools for fastening items and that is WERA TOOLS. They have items that are really user friendly, like the screw driver tips that actually grip the screw head or a ratchet, which’s head articulates 180 degrees.
The other innovative ideas they have are sets of different drivers in easy and useful containment holders eg. driver and bit holder.
This is a useful, innovative and excellent product line and is the way to go.
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