Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Feature Items
Today we introduce a new way of communicating products we represent to our blog. Probably most of our customers may have had seen this feature before when our sales people have gone around to visit our cliental. But we can’t see everyone so we thought that this is another medium.
We bring forward our carbide burs and sets from Champion Cutting Tools.
Burs are used in many construction shops, metal working shops, to remove welds, finish casting flaws, enlarge or dig out holes, etc. They are one of the most used tools.
Champion Carbide burs are the best of the best, in TIN coated or uncoated. The TIN coated burs are manufactured for the people who use a lot of these for extensive long periods of time. They stay cooler, sharper for a longer period of time due to the TIN coating. This creates less down time changing burs out, allowing faster completion of the job at hand.

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