Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Maintenance is one of the least thought of items in most shops. When something breaks down most shops are running around like the image above. Maintenance is a key issue that must be considered when purchasing a piece of equipment.
For instance the other day we were called to take a look at a vise on a machine. When the sales representative arrived he couldn’t believe the mess this machine was in. The machine was sold to the customer in 2006. It looked as if they had never cleaned the machine since new. Metal material scraps and metal filings were heaped all around, in and on the machine. There was just an aisle to get to vise wheel and an aisle to load and unload material into the machine.
The Bi-Metal Representative did not want to annoy the customer so he did some adjustments to the vise to make customer happy, however did mention to them that a good cleaning of machine and surroundings was in order. This situation was not just a maintenance one but a safety issue also. We did some additional help with them, like advice on maintenance and some new parts that were required to get their machine back to a safe state.
   A lot of maintenance issues can be avoided with regular cleaning, oiling and so on. So maybe it is a good idea to check out the manuals in your shop or even at home, to see what preventative measures you can take to prolong the life of your equipment. This helps keep the equipment in good working condition which makes it safer to use by employees and yourself.
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